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We are a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school that aims to create an environment that welcomes all practitioners of the art. Whether you’re here to learn self-defense, find a new hobby, get fit, or compete- we are here to support your personal goals.

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welcome to Bayside Jiu Jitsu

welcome to Bayside Jiu Jitsu

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Theresa Pheasant | Bayside Parent

"My daughter Mia has been a part of BJJ since August 2022. She was very timid at first to start Jiu Jitsu, but all the coaches made her feel very good about doing something different. Coaches Gabby, Paul and Rich have taught Mia different techniques in defending herself. Mia has developed a great relationship with Coach Gabby. Coach Gabby encourages Mia to try her best and has even convinced her to try competing. Jiu Jitsu has made Mia comfortable with herself. She loves going to class and learning a new technique. Jiu Jitsu has opened Mia up to so many new things, and it's a life skill that can't be taken away from her. It has made Mia learn how to handle whatever is thrown at her and how to conduct herself in all situations."

RJ Nealon | Bayside Visitor

"I have never felt more welcome and comfortable at Bayside BJJ when training at a gym. Regardless of skill level, there is always someone there ready to help. Whether your goals are to learn self-defense, just to get in shape or compete, the instruction caters to every style. The camaraderie stands out among the members and Gabby is a wonderful leader, who’s a great role model for all. I highly recommend Bayside BJJ."

Jake and Chelsea Rankin | Bayside Parents

"Jiu Jitsu has been great for our daughter’s confidence and discipline. Bayside BJJ has been an excellent place for her to learn. All of the coaches have been very welcoming and helpful. They really take their time working with the kids here and also make the practices fun. We highly recommend this gym if you are anywhere around the Milford area."

VALERIE EVANS | Bayside Member

"As someone brand new to BJJ, I was nervous and a bit intimidated about what to expect. Since starting at Bayside BJJ, it’s been an absolute blast. I was instantly welcomed into this community where everyone is trying to grow and help you grow along the way. The instructors want to see you succeed and the skills they teach you have you leaving each class with an increased boost in confidence and desire to learn more. I’m so glad I took the step to join. It’s the therapy I never knew I needed. "

KEILA MONTALVO  | Bayside Parent

“My boys have been training for almost a year and they absolutely love it! The Jujitsu classes have shown them self-defense techniques as well as how to be committed and disciplined. The coaches have been an excellent source inspiration as well as great with one on one instructional hands on training. I would recommend Bayside Jujitsu to any parent or child wanting to learn self-defense or the art of Jujitsu this is definitely the place to go! The Owner Coach Gabby and staff are so friendly and helpful and the place has a great family oriented atmosphere. “

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